Articles’ selection #10 : autumn 2021

Book Reviews

Barragán Romano, R. Viviendo las minas. Latin American Research Review, 56(3), 2021, pp.711–719.

Reflecting on methodology

Emily Peirson-Webber, Mining Men: Reflections on Masculinity and Oral History during the Coronavirus Pandemic, History Workshop Journal

Environment and mining

Carl E. Zipper, Jeff Skousen, Coal’s legacy in Appalachia: Lands, waters, and people, The Extractive Industries and Society, 2021.

K Islam, S Murakami, Global-scale impact analysis of mine tailings dam failures: 1915–2020, Global Environmental Change, 2021

I Muhire, V Manirakiza, F Nsanganwimana (et al), The environmental impacts of mining on Gishwati Protected Reserve in Rwanda, Monitoring and Assessment, 2021

Economic History

N Masayoshi, Y Sumi, Y Shimizu, Occupation, financial reporting and unintended consequences in post-World War Two Japan: the case of mining corporations 1946–1950, Accounting History Review, 2021.


M Oranje, V Nel, E Van Huyssteen, A brief history of platinum mining with a focus on the Rustenburg region,  2021

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