Articles’ Selection #11: winter 2021

In this issue a selection by geographical area:

Western Africa

Ofosu-Mensah, E. A. Transformation of Artisanal Small-Scale Mining (ASM) in Ghana From Pre-Colonial to the Modern Era, The Journal of African Policy Studies, vol. 27, n. 1, 2021.

AD Ofori, A Mdee, J Van Alstine, Politics on display: The realities of artisanal mining formalisation in Ghana, The Extractive Industries and Society, 2021

N Engwicht, C Ankenbrand, Natural resource sector reform and human security in post-conflict societies: Insights from diamond mining in Sierra Leone, The Extractive Industries and Society, 2021

Central and South America

Minería, sociedad y medioambiente: pasado y presente, special issue Ichan Tecolotl, year 33, ed.354 , nov. 2021 (find among last issues)

Bobb, Bernard E.. “7. The Mexican Mining Industry“. The Viceregency of Antonio María Bucareli in New Spain, 1771–1779, New York, USA: University of Texas Press, 2021, pp. 172-204.

North America

J Bartos, The Accumulated Knowledge of a Thousand Generations: US Mining Engineers as Public Intellectuals, 1885–1920, Technology and Culture, 2021.

South Eastern Asia and India

D Kusumaningrum, TA Hafsari, L Syam, Sand and The City: The historical geography of sand mining in Jeneberang River and its relation to urban development in South Sulawesi, ETNOSIA: Jurnal Etnografi Indonesia, 2021.

JF Rousseau, É Espagne, Displaced sand, displaced people: Examining the livelihood impacts of sand mining in Cambodia, AFD Research Papers, 2021

Ahmed S., Designing scientific mining. Evolution and implementation, c. 1860s–1960s, History of Science, Technology, Environment, and Medicine in India, Routledge India, 2021


McQueen, K., Beneath the copper ‘tablecloth’: History of the Mount Hope mines, northwest New South Wales, Journal of Australasian Mining History, 2021.

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