Publication: Copper King in Central Africa by H. Munene

The book Copper King in Central Africa. Corporate Organization, Labor Relations, and Profitability of Zambia’s Rhokana Corporation ‘ by Hyden Munene has been published. It’s a business history of the Rhokana Corporation that ran the largest mine on the Copperbelt, from its formation to nationalisation. The book is based on H. Munene PhD Thesis, available online.

Hyden Munene is currently Postdoctoral Fellow with the International Studies Group at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Book Synopsis (from the publisher’s site) Thematically and chronologically organised, it explores the discovery of viable ores on the Northern Rhodesian/Zambian Copperbelt in the late 1920s, which attracted foreign capital from South Africa, Britain and the USA, prompting the development of the Nkana mine and the formation of the Rhokana Corporation in the early 1930s. It follows through the evolution of the copper mining industry up to the re-privatisation of the Zambian mining sector in 1991.

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