Media #1 : Interview to our Coordinator, Professor L. Papastefanaki, abour Greek Miners and Communities

INTERVIEW | Leda Papastefanaki : The unknown history of Greek mines: social relations, public policies and the role of French companies

Leda Papastefanaki is Associate Professor of Economic and Social History in the Department of History Archaeology at the University of Ioannina (Greece). She is a member of the faculty of the Institute of Mediterranean Studies / Foundation for Research and Technology (IMS / FORTH, Rethymno, Greece).

Her research interests include the social and economic history of industrialization and labour, the social history of technology, mining history, the history of occupational health, urban history, gender history, industrial archaeology, Jewish history.

GreeceHebdo* interviewed Leda Papastefanaki about her latest book The Veins of the Earth: Mining in Greece, 19th-20th Century, published in Greek in 2017, to better understand the unknown history of mining in Greece, including social relations, public policies and political ideas related to this activity.

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