Online Seminar: “El desarrollo minero (siglos XIX y XX)”, by A.P. Sanchez Picon, March 31

Online seminar (in Spanish). 

Andrés Sánchez Picón: “Mining development (19th and 20th centuries): one more case of natural resources curse or institutional failure?”

It will take place on Thursday 31st March, at 12:30, in the Seminar of the Department of Applied Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business of Murcia. It will also be possible to attend by videoconference at this link:

This seminar will deal with a topical issue, the exploitation of natural resources and their effects on economic development. To this end, a sector of great importance in Spanish economic history will be analysed: the exploitation of the abundant and varied resources of its subsoil in the 19th and 20th centuries. It is a complex subject. On the one hand, we have an activity such as mining that has generated and continues to generate important negative externalities. On the other hand, we have an institutional framework with multiple deficiencies, which had a powerful influence on the configuration of this activity and the ways in which these resources were exploited.

This seminar is in collaboration with the coordinated research group “Social history of contemporary Spanish mining”.


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