Articles’ Selection #14: autumn 2022

D’Angelo, Lorenzo, “ Operation Parasite: diamonds, smallpox, and mass expulsions of strangers in colonial Sierra Leone”, Canadian Journal of African Studies / Revue canadienne des études africaines, 2022, DOI: 10.1080/00083968.2022.2033629

Machado, Iran F., and Silvia Figueirôa. “Mining history of Brazil: a summary.” Mineral Economics (2022): 1-13.

Mestanza-Ramón, Carlos, et al. “Gold mining in the Amazon Region of ecuador: History and a review of its socio-environmental impacts.” Land 11.2 (2022): 221.

Palacios, Adrián, Education and household decision‑making in Spanish mining communities, 1877–1924, Cliometrica, 2022. 

Peša, Iva. “Mining, waste and environmental thought on the Central African Copperbelt, 1950-2000.” Environment and History 28.2 (2022): 259-284.

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