CFP : Labour History beyond Europe and North America, IALHI, Buenos Aires, sept. 2023

Labour History beyond Europe and North America: Challenges, Initiatives, Debates

53rd Annual Conference of the International Association of Labour History Institutions

Buenos Aires, September 2023,

Deadline 31 March 2023

The institutions that make up IALHI come mostly from European countries and, to a lesser extent, from North America. Only in three occasions, since its foundation more than 50 years ago, did IALHI organize its annual conference outside Europe: twice in the United States and once in South Africa. The reasons for this situation are diverse, and have to do with the patterns of development of labour historiography, with the weight and traditions of labour organisations in these regions, and of course with the greater financial and technical resources of the institutions of richer countries, as well as with the colonial ties of their own states and their capacity to gather documentation, archives and books from the so-called ‘Global South.

Find here the complete call for paper



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