Publication: Social and environmental effects of mining in Southern Europe

LiM is glad to announce the release of the Special Issue “Social and environmental effects of mining in Southern Europe” in AREAS-Revista Internacional de Ciencias Sociales, which gathers some of the papers discussed during the LiM sessions in the 3rd ELHN conference 2019 in Amsterdam.

You can find the complete list and the open access version of all the articles here 

The 3rd ELHN conference in Amsterdam drew more than 200 participants from 40 countries to discuss labour history in 55 sessions. In this friendly and stimulating environment, LiM organized two sessions with the interdisciplinary and globally oriented topic of living conditions in mining sites. The papers selected for the section have contributed to the Special Issue in AREAS.

You can find all the information about LiM session during the 3rd ELHN Conference in Amsterdam here


Enjoy the reading!

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