LiM WG – Newsletter 7 – February 2023

Dear members and friends of the Labour in Mining – Working Group. 

Happy New Year 2023!

We warmly welcome you to LiM’s 7th Newsletter. 

This is a periodic update on the activities of the WG and the most relevant events, publications, and conferences in the field of mining history selected by LiM’s coordinators.

This year 2023 has begun with great news: the Special Issue “Social and environmental effects of mining in Southern Europe” in AREAS-Revista Internacional de ciencias sociales has been published ! 

The issue gathers some contributions presented during the 3rd ELHN Conference 2019 in Amsterdam, in which LiM organised 2 sessions related to living conditions in mining towns and professional health and diseases in mining.  

Enjoy the readings!

New members

The most valuable resources of this network are members. We would like to welcome those who have recently joined LiM:

Adrián Palacios Mateo, Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Zaragoza, works on education from a historical perspective. His research focuses on the relationship between the industrialization process brought by the mines during the 19th century, and the literacy levels of miners, the requirements for skilled workers or child labour.

Clara Lea Dallaire-Fortier, PhD candidate at Lund University, works on the ecological transition and historical systemic changes. Her research focuses on how lived experiences and needs from local populations can inform and interact with large industrial changes and macroeconomic dynamics with a special attention to mining industry. Se is a member of oikos LEAP program’s Early Career Researchers Track, and a Student Representative on the Board of the European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE).


New on the Blog

Books’ Selection 2022

Books’ selection is our annual list of interesting books published in the previous year, related to Mining History and similar disciplines.

Discover the Books’ selection 2022!

The Young Mining Historians Corner – new issues and new co-editor!

New Issues…

#9: Education and household decision‑making in Spanish mining communities, 1877–1924 by Adrian Mateo Palacios (Post-doc at University of Zaragoza)

#8: Aspects of the occurrence of gold deposits in Minas Gerais in the 18th century – by Q. I. Lopes 

#7: Utopia, nostalgia and vision: deindustrialisation in a former Hungarian mining area – by P. Alabán

Issue #10 about ancient mining in Greece by E. Favier is coming soon (February 20) !

You can find all the previous issues here

…also a new co-editor recently joined the team of the Young Mining Historians’ Corner : Nikolaos Olma, research fellow at the Leibniz Center in Berlin !

CFP: The series is open to contributions from WG members and external ECRs. If you are interested in participating, contact us to labouri…

Article’s Selection 

The Articles’ selection #15: winter 2022 is out!

In this issue you find, among others :

Database of databases in mining history

New entries: 

  • Social History Collections on the Social History Portal: a gateway to several collections about social&labour history from the late 18th century. You have access to more than 2 million objects.

Discover the complete database here

News, Publications and MediaWebinars, Seminars, Conferences

More info about the newsconferences and seminars 

Podcasts and Videos 

Online Resources

Find other media contents here


Labour History beyond Europe and North America: Challenges, Initiatives, Debates,  53rd Annual Conference of the International Association of Labour History Institutions, Buenos Aires, September 2023, deadline 31 March 2023

CFP: Living in the Mines: Mining and Working Worlds in the 15th-18th Centuries, Mundos do Trabalho, deadline 30 August 2023

Grants and Prizes

Allan Nevins Prize in American Economic History, deadline May 31, 2023

Alexander Gerschenkron Prize in the economic history , deadline May 31, 2023

⚒️ ⚒️ ⚒️

The LiM-WG wishes you a good time until the next Newsletter!

Do not hesitate to send us news to highlight in the next newsletter, on our social networks or in the blog!

You can download a PDF version of LiM – Newsletter 7 here

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