Summer School : MINESCAPES

Summer School for PhD Students


Socio-natural Landscapes of Extraction and Knowledge in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period

The MINESCAPES Summer School will bring together students and scholars from the humanities,
social sciences, and natural sciences to study mining landscapes with a particular focus on the Harz
mountains through cultural-historical methods, archaeological data, and scientific analyses of soils, waters, flora, and fauna to gain a more comprehensive picture of the complex human-environment
relationships of this site. A fundamental goal of the Summer School is thereby to foster interdisciplinary collaborations and communicative skills between the humanities, social, and natural sciences—an urgent need, especially when dealing with human-environment relations in the past, present, and future.

Dates of the Summer School: 31 May – 10 June 2024

Application Deadline: 17 December 2023. Applicants will be informed at the beginning of February.

Location: Harz Mountains, Herzog August Library Wolfenbüttel (Germany)

Subject fields: History, Art History, Literature, Archeology, Anthropology, Human and Physical
Geography, Geology, Earth and Environmental Sciences, STS, Environmental Humanities

Language: English

Application Submission and Contact:

Tina Asmussen, Assistant Professor, Early Modern Mining History at Ruhr University / Head of the mining history research unit at the German Mining Museum Bochum, Germany
Pamela H. Smith, Seth Low professor of History and founding Director of the Center forScience and Society at Columbia University and the Making and Knowing Project, USA
Additional senior scholars from History, Archaeology, and the Earth Sciences will participate in the Summer School.

More info:

Call for Applications_2024 PhD Summer School_MINESCAPES (1)

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