Articles’ Selection #16 : Fall 2023


Special Issue: “Viviendo en las minas”, Mundos do Trabalho, v. 15 (2023) URL:

Leech B., “Canary in a Coal Mine: From Mine Safety Technique to Animal Metaphor” in Comparative American Studies (2023), URL:

Felten S. Raphael R., “Focus: Resources in the Early Modern World”, ISIS: Journal of the History of Science in Society 114, no. 3 (2023).

Raphael R., Toward a Critical “Transatlantic History of Early Modern Mining: Depiction, Reality, and Readers’ Expectations in Álvaro Alonso Barba’s 1640 El arte de los metales”, ISIS: Journal of the History of Science in Society, 144: 2, pp. 341-358

Geltner G., “Visit the Extractocene”, The European Review of Books, Issue 4 (2023).

Fritz B., Peregovich B., da Silva Tenório L. et al. “Mercury and CO2 emissions from artisanal gold mining in Brazilian Amazon rainforest” Nat Sustain (2023).

Marcon G. “Inveigled or Invited? The Migration of German Miners to the Medici Mines in Sixteenth-Century Tuscany”, in Moving Workers Historical Perspectives on Labour, Coercion and Im/Mobilities, 2023. URL:

Sanna F., ” La mine et la forêt : crise environnementale et solutions managériales dans les mines de Sardaigne (1860-1940)”, e-Phaïstos [En ligne], XI-2 | 2023, URL : <> & “La longue durée d’un métier temporaire : travail à la mine et pluriactivité en Sardaigne (XIXe – XXe siècle)” , Emulations – Revue de sciences sociales, (43-44), p. 121–145. URL: <>


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