5th ELHN 2024: LiM Sessions

5 th European Labour History Network Conference

Uppsala, 11-13 June 2024
Labour in Mining Working Group
Sessions and Panels Proposal

Coordinators: Dr Francesca Sanna (University of Toulouse 2 Jean Jaurès, FRAMESPA , francesca.sanna@univ-tlse2.fr); Dr José Joaquín García Gómez (University of Almeria, josejgg@ual.es); Dr Gabriele Marcon (Durham University, Gabriele.marcon@alumni.eui.eu)


Session 1: Mining Mobilities across the Globe: Labour, Science, and Knowledge Circulation in Mining (15th-21st Century)


Panel I: Knowledge and Actors in Global Mining Mobilities 

Discussant: Francesca Sanna

  •  Lorenzo D’Angelo, Università La Sapienza: Mining Mobilities in Colonial West Africa: Circulation of Technology, Knowledge, Experience in Diamond Mining
  • Christina Mamaloukaki, Independent Scholar: Heut and Geyler’s Agency in the Global Mining and Metallurgical Industry in the late 19th century
  • Lucky Ugbudian, Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike: Mining Mobilities and Circulation of Knowledge in Nigeria


Panel II: Recruiting, Negotiating, and Exchanging Labour

Discussant: Gabriele Marcon

  • Nikolaus Olma, Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient: Knowing Uranium: Examining the Exchange of Mining and Radiation Knowledge In a Soviet Uranium Mining Town
  • Anil Askin, Brown University: Village Workers and Migrant Laborers of the Lead and Silver Mines in Central Anatolia (1740-1796)
  • Ariane Mak, University Paris Cité: Coal Miners’ Attitude towards Poles in the British Coal Industry
  •  Armel Campagne, European University Institute: Subcontracting, recruitment, miners’ mobility and knowledge circulation in colonial Vietnam


Panel III: Moving Knowledge, Moving Workers: Capitalism, Gender, and the Environment

Discussant: Leda Papastefanaki

    • Benedetta Fabrucci, University of Trieste: We Want You! Selection Procedures for German Mines in the foreign refugee camps in Italy
  • Todd Cleveland, University of Arkansas: The Impact on Spousal Accompaniment Rates Due to Prior Knowledge about Labor Conditions on Angola’s Colonial-era Diamond Mines, 1919-1975
  • Owen Coughlan, University of Oxford: Cantines, cantiniers, and the contestation of colonial oppression in the Gard coalfield, c.1920-1940


Session 2: Mining–Agriculture Relationships: Influences on labour organisation and labour markets


Panel I: Relations between mining and agriculture

Chair: Dr. Aron Cohen

  • Francesca Sanna, University of Toulouse 2 Jean Jaurès: In beetween fields: labour pluriactivity in mining and agriculture in Italy (XIX-XX)
  • Eva Trescastro, María Tormo, Pep Bernabéu and Alba Martínez, University of Alicante: Food in the mining areas of southeastern Spain. Analysis of a manuscript of recipes from the 19th century
  • Paulo E. Guimaraes, University of Evora: Mining and agricultural labour markets and labour organisation in Portugal from the Liberal Era to the New State
  • Adolfo Turbanti, Istituto Storico Grossetano della Resistenza e dell’Età Contemporanea: Relations between Mining and Agriculture in Italy


Panel II: Environmental and social effects derived from the Mining and Agriculture relations

Chair: Dr José Joaquín García Gómez

  • Sakis Dimitriadis, Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas: Land Ownership, Mining and Labour Market Fragmentation in Northern Euboea, 1850-1920
  • Pedro Gabriel Silva and Octávio Sacrament, Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro: Between mining and farming: social and ecological transformations of wolfram extraction in a Portuguese agrarian context (1930s-1970s)
  • Agustín Fleta, Geneviève Brisson y Aron Cohen, Universidad de Sevilla, Université du Québec à Rimouski and Universidad de Granada: Minería y conflictos por el agua. Miradas cruzadas desde España y Canada
  • Juan D. Pérez-Cebada and Pedro G. Silva, Universidad de Huelva y Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro: Mining, Agriculture and Pollution
  • Aron Cohen, Universidad de Granada: Gran minería, pequeño campesinado: transición al capitalismo en un área de la Andalucía “profunda” (fines siglo XIX-siglo XX)

Here the complete abstracts: 5ELHN LiM 2024


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