Conference #2: III Meeting of REPORT(H)A – “Dynamics and Resilience in Socio-Environmental Systems” (University of Évora, March 28-30, 2019)

On March the 30th (14.30h – 16.10h) our coordinator Miguel P. de Perceval Verde will coordinate a session in this conference together with Juan Diego Pérez Cebada. The title of the panel is: “Health and environmental problems in the Iberian Mining”.

Here the program with all the discussants:

Nutritional status of the mining population in Rio Tinto basin in the first third of the 20th century         
Eva Trescastro
Universidad de Alicante

Trabalho mineiro e saúde em Portugal na primeira metade do século XX: associações mutualistas mineiras e paternalismo industrial           
Paulo Guimarães
Universidade de Évora

Urban Penalty: The case of a Spanish mining town. La Unión (1870 – 1913)
Antonio Escudero Gutiérrez
Universidad de Alicante
José Joaquín García Gómez
University of Almería
Ángel Pascual Martínez Soto
Universidad de Murcia 

For the general program:

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  1. Selene says:

    My father was mine manager at the mine in Mykonos in 1966-67 and is still alive and able to provide information about his time there and the sociocultural aspects. He learned Greek from the miners and was interested in their culture.

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