Articles selection #2: May-June 2019

🏞 Environmental studies:

Cecilia Campero, and Leila M. Harris, “The Legal Geographies of Water Claims: Seawater Desalination in Mining Regions in Chile” Water 2019, 11, 886, online

Jiefang Tian, “Mining City Resilience” Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Municipal Engineer, 2019

⚕ Health and social issues:

Tracy-Lynn Fiel, “Exacting silicosis justice through the class action mechanism” Mineral Economics, 2019, p. 1–9.   

Labour and techniques:

Ole Sparenberg, “A historical perspective on deep-sea mining for manganese nodules, 1965–2019, “The Extractive Industries and Society, 4 May 2019 

Various authors, “Technology Appropriation and Technology Transfer in the Brazilian Mining Sector,” Economic research working paper n. 53, 2019 

💡  Cultural studies:

Rossana Barragán, “Spectacular Wealth: The Festivals of Colonial South American Mining Towns.”, Hispanic American Historical Review 1 May 2019; 99 (2): 361–362  

Sebastian Felten, Mining culture, labour, and the state in early modern Saxony, Renaissance Studies, ongoing, 

⌛  Post-mining:

Bill Conlogue, Undermined in Coal Country: On the Measures in a Working Land, Baltimore:  Johns Hopkins University Press,  2017.

📜 From the archive: 

Kristin Ranestad, Knowledge-Based Growth in Natural Resource Intensive Economies. Mining, Knowledge Development and Innovation in Norway 1860–1940, Palgrave Macmillian, 2018

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