Articles’ Selection #3: summer 2019

🏞 Environmental studies:

Bindler, Richard; Myrstener, Erik; Liu, Enfeng; Bigler, Christian,  Reshaping the landscape: mining, metallurgy and a millennium of environmental changes in south-central Sweden

⚕ Health and social issues:

A Setiawan  “The socio-economic impact of national and foreign oil mining companies existences and activities in Tjepu 1967-2004”
– IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental, 2019

⚒ Labour and techniques:

James Bishop, “Education Choices and Labour Supply During the Mining Boom”, Bulletin Australian Economy – September 2019 

Rossana Barragán (coord. y comp.), Amaru Villanueva R. y Cristina Machicado (orgs.), Trabajos y Trabajadores en América Latina (Siglos XVI-XXI).

💡  Cultural studies:

F Mokui, O Pidani – Kawalu “Jinn and Hot Money: Morality and Cultural Risks in Bombana Gold Mining, Eastern Indonesia” , Journal of Local Culture, 2019

⌛  Post-mining:

Roni Armis, Hidehiko Kanegae “The attractiveness of a post-mining city as a tourist destination from the perspective of visitors: a study of Sawahlunto old coal mining town in Indonesia” Asia-Pacific Journal of Regional Science, pp 1–19.

C Strambo, MT Aung, A Atteridge  “Navigating coal mining closure and societal change: learning from past cases of mining decline” SEI Working papers,  2019


📜 From the archives: 

A. Pernolet Mines de cuivre d’Aguas-Tenidas, province de Huelva (Espagne) : rapport adressĂ© Ă  M. Hilarion Roux, marquis d’Escombrera, 1883 [gallica]




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