Articles’ Selection #4: autumn/winter 2019

Mining Techniques

Miguel Á. López-Morell,  Miguel Á. Pérez de Perceval Verde, “From old mining to new mining: the introduction of differential flotation in Spanish mines and its environmental impact”, Revista de Historia Industrial, N. 77, 2019, pp. 119-148.

Peter Davies, Susan Lawrence, “Cornish Tin-Streamers and the Australian Gold Rush: Technology Transfer in Alluvial Mining” Post-Medieval Archaeology, 49, 2015 pp. 99-113, available on

Mining in history

Paolo Sammuri, “Italian Mines and Miners in the First World War: Raw Materials and Tunnel Warfare”, Società Geologica Italiana, vol. 36, 2015, pp. 110-114, available on


James Rhatigan, “Mining meaning: telling spatial histories of the Britannia Mine“, Journal of Historical Geography, 2019.

Social & Gender History of Mining

Women and Gender in the Mines: Challenging Masculinity Through History” in the International Review of Social History

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