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For this new year 2020 the LabourInMining WG has many projects in mind, from workshops to publications.
Our first target will still be communication and networking.
This is why we decided to start a new communication campaign, adding a newsletter to our Twitter, Facebook and Blog activity.
We now call for contribution in order to enrich this newsletter with information concerning mining history world.
You are invited to send us any information you would like to share with the community, including:
– workshops/conferences/seminars/lessons announcements
– publication of books/essays/articles/films/videos/podcasts/documentaries
– PhD thesis discussion announcements
– contributions in conferences
– call for positions in academia
– call for fundings
– call for collaboration
– collaborations ongoing 
We will publish it in the newsletter, with an initial semestrial frequency : january/september.
However the Newletter 0 will be published in june, the deadline for sendigs is 1st of May.
Waiting for your contribution!
Write to >>

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2 Responses

  1. Alastair Lings says:

    The newsletter is a great idea. I hope you get plenty of contributions. I provide some news from Ireland and Scotland (UK) to the NAMHO Newsletter (UK). If you give me your e-mail address I can send you news.
    The next NAMHO Newsletter will be published soon:

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