Articles’ Selection #5: spring 2020

Ancient history & Archeology:

Vidan B. Dimic, “Hammering the past: The experimental (re) construction and usage of prehistoric mining hammerstones from the Prljuša-Mali Šturac site, Rudnik Mountain“, Starinar, 2019

Economic History

John E. Murray Javier Silvestre, “Integration in European coal markets, 1833–1913” The Economic Histry Review

Post-colonial mining history:

Sasha Hanson Pastran, Alexandra Mallett, “Unearthing power: A decolonial analysis of the Samarco mine disaster and the Brazilian mining industry“, The Extractive Industries and Society, 2020.

Health and safety:

Kalenga JN, “Estimating the injury rates and causes of fatalities in the Japanese mining industry, 1924-2014“, International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics, 2020, p. 1-11.


Sutherland, Duff, “Children of the Kootenays: Memories of Mining Towns by Shirley D. Stainton “,BC Studies; Vancouver N° 204, (Winter 2019/2020): 213-214.

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