Covid-19 and Mining Industry : articles’ selection special issue.

This post aims at providing some insight into mining world facing covid-19 crisis: an open collection of analysis and commentaries from different journals and institutions. This is not a selection of academic papers about mining history as we are used to publish.

Contents are continously updated.

Labour impact: stories

Extractive companies’ response to the Covid-19 pandemic

DR Congo: Mine Workers at Risk During Covid-19

Labour impact: commentaries

Mines are hotspots for spread of Covid-19, study finds (The Guardian) >> The report: Voices from the ground (source used by The Guardian) and full version

World’s mine workers resist quick restart amid coronavirus
(Reuters: Tanisha Heiberg, Helen Reid, Marco Aquino)

Commentary: Mining workers and communities face greater risks of contamination from Covid-19, MiningWatch Canada, May 2020

Coping with Covid: live infos from mining industry

Global perspectives

How the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the global mining industry

Business Analysis

Deloitte, Understanding COVID-19’s impact on the mining & metals sector. Guidance for mining & metals executives

The impact of COVID-19 on the mining sector


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