Books’ selection #1 : 2019-2020


Stefan Berger, Peter Alexander, Making Sense of Mining History. Themes and Agendas, Taylor and Francis, 20119.

Sergio Tonatiuh Serrano Hernández, La golosina del oro. La producción de metales preciosos en San Luis Potosí y su circulación global en mercados orientales y occidentales durante el siglo XVII, El Colegio de San Luis, 2019, 624p. (Index and abstract)

William L. Hewitt, Forgotten Frontier: A History of Wyoming Coal Mining. By A. Dudley Gardner and Verla R. Flores, Boulder, Westview, 1989 (Google book preview)

Karlheinz Spitz, John Trudinger, Mining and the Environment: From Ore to Metal, CRC Press/Balkema, 2019


Esther M. Sánchez y Santiago M. López, Historia del uranio en España. De la minería a la fabricación del combustible nuclear, c. 1900-1986, en libre consultation.

Robert Porter, Consolidated Gold Fields in Australia. The Rise and decline of a British Mining House, 1926–1998, Australia National University Press, 2020

Frédéric Alexandre, Fabrice Argounès, Rémi Bénos, David Blanchon (et al.), Dictionnaire critique de l’anthropocène, CNRS, 2020, 927p.

Health down in the mines, Proceedings of International Conference organised by Centre Historique Minier du Nord et Pas de Calais, Lewarde, 4th-5th April 2019, (english and french version)

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