CFP #1: “Health Down in the Mine” Lewarde – France

Subject : Health in Mining Industry

Historical period: n.s.

Institution: Centre Historique Mininer du Nord et Pas de Calais

Location: Lewarde (France)

Date:  4 – 5 april 2019

Deadline: 9 september 2018

Brief description:

The conference organised by the Centre Historique Minier, the largest mining museum in France, intends to draw on the abundant scientific literature already available on the issue of miners’ working conditions, with reference to various intertwining disciplines, in history (labour history, environmental history, history of medicine), and in social sciences across the board. The conference wishes to tackle this blind spot in research, namely the topic of health down in the mine, in its full historical context, including the healthcare systems, throughout the world of mining, which governed and organised the coverage of pathologies and injuries; the origins and development of these systems; the stakeholders operating them, the involvement or not of those they catered to; and lastly, the consequences of systemic organisation on the social fabric, especially on a local scale. (CFP)

The complete CFP here


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