Articles’ selection #7: winter 2020


Geerkens Éric, Leboutte René, Péters Arnaud, “Le travail des ouvriers mineurs en Belgique (ca 1830-1930) “, Revue du Nord, 2020/2 (435), p. 289-309.


Duncan Money, Hans Otto Frøland, Tshepo Gwatiwa, Africa–EU relations and natural resource governance: understanding African agency in historical and contemporary perspective, Review of African Political Economy, 2020/166 (47)

Environmental studies

García Gómez, J. J., Pérez Cebada, J. D. (2020): “A Socio-Environmental History of a Copper Mining Company: Rio-Tinto Company Limited (1874–1930)”, Sustainability, 2020/12 (11), p. 4521-4539.

Oury Benjamin, ” Exploitation du fer et gestion des ressources forestières en Dauphiné médiéval. Enquête dans les sources historiques “, Histoire & Sociétés Rurales, 2020/2 (54), p. 71-115.

Culture and Techniques

Saima Nakuti Ashipala, “Technical and Vocational Education and the Place of Indigenous Labour in the Mining Industry of Namibia, 1970–1990“, Journal of Southern African Studies, 2020/6 (46)

Quièvre Adrien, “Entendre le travail à la mine aux XIXe et XXe siècles”, Revue du Nord, 2020/2 (435), p. 311-325. 

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