Databases for Mining History -Call for contribution

Databases and open access sources have become crucial for researchers, especially these days in which the pandemic crisis does not allow to travel on the field or to archives. This is why WG LiM launches a call for contribution to create a “database of databases” related to Mining History. The aim is to gather in one place a large number of references of existing databases and sources available open access.

The WG LiM was born as a network with the purpose of associating people. We think that this project, based on collaboration, could help many of us to overcome the difficult moment we are facing, together.

You are highly invited to send us notification about existing databases or openaccess sources’ collection, in order to create a preliminary list that will be published in a post under the menu “Sources and Resources”, that you can find on the top of the Homepage.

Contributions and suggestions may include links to:

  1. Digitalized journals’ collections 
  2. Digitalized sources’ collections of various nature
  3. Databases

Topics have to be related to mining history (all periods) or history of labour, environment, heritage, politics, culture etc with information related to mining issues.

Some links are already available in the menu mentioned below.

Send your contribution or suggestion to or post an answer in the box below.



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2 Responses

  1. There is no online database, but the Mining the Past journal is a local history journal of a mining community in North Tipperary (Silvermines) – lots of valuable research done for it. Wanted to make you aware of its existence, it may become digitised in the future if they knew there was a wider audience for it.

    • Alastair Lings says:

      It would be great to see articles from Mining the Past available online.
      In case you you haven’t seen them, there are articles about Silvermines in Journals 3 and 11 of the former Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland.

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