Seminar : La Mine, une affaire d’Etat (Mines, an affaire for the State) – beginning February 4th

The Seminar La Mine, une affaire d’Etat (in French) – organized by the Centre Norbert Elias and coordinated by Christine Demmer (chargée de recherche au CNRS; Boris Deschanel (maître de conférences à l’Université d’Avignon); Marion Fontaine (maître de conférences à l’Université d’Avignon); Pierre-Yves Le Meur ( directeur de recherches IRD-GRED) –  explores the multiple relations between mining (as an economy, industry, communities, culture, environment …) and the State, in a transnational and interdisciplinary perspective. Every month, historians and anthropologists question the boundaries that separate – or sometimes confuse – Companies and public institutions. 

The contributions devolop the main topic through three axes:

  • Mining as a matter of resource control and as a contested element of state political sovereignty.
  • Mining as a political matter, as an activity lead by actors (company or institution registered in a localized territory) capable of acting and influencing the social and political life, transforming social relations. 
  • The mine as an enclave, as a derogatory and exceptional place in a social and political perspective

The seminar begins February 4th, in online mode, and it is free to attend via this link 

You find the complete program and more information (in French) here

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