ELHN Roundtable “The ELHN Working groups and the future of labour history” 15 June 2021

LiM group was founded in 2017 during the 3rd ELHN Conference in Paris.

Since then, the network expanded and many other WGs were founded. As a constallation of scholars and scientists, ELHN is a dynamic creation, always discussing about future and new perspectives.

Thus, we would like to draw your attention to the roundtable organized by ELHN in order to discuss the future of the network and the role of workings groups, including LiM.

Find the invitation to this online roundtable below:


Since its first meeting in 2015, the European Labour History Network has organised its network and conferences through the activity of a growing number of working groups. These working groups are the backbone of the ELHN. The 17 ELHN Working Groups all work in different ways with different activities and different levels of activity. We want to offer an online space for learning more about the different ways the working groups have worked and for discussing in which ways they can stimulate and advance the field of labour history and stimulate the work of other workings groups. Some of the questions that could be discussed are: How do these different working groups with their activities contribute to advancing the field of labour history? And how can they learn from each other? For this reason we want to invite you to an online roundtable on June 15 (2-3.30 PM ETC) on zoom to give an insight into the work of four working groups. We want to stimulate the exchange of insights and ideas, and to develop collaborations between groups. The event will be open to the ELHN members and to interested labour historians who are not yet members of the ELHN.



Leda Papastefanaki (Feminist Labour History WG)

Görkem Akgöz (Factory History WG)

Fernando Mendiola (Labour and Coercion WG)

Chair: Silke Neunsinger


If you are interested tplease write to labourinmining@gmail.com, and we will send you the zoom link to participate.



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